Scenario #3 April 25th

Our adventurers attended the meeting of the Ertonmoore mages guild. Odius explained to the
remaining members that Moldenado’s power gained from the Crenshinibon relic he stole was growing,
and that the adventurers could help. There was some pushback from Thodius, Modius and Frank, but
ultimately, they saw that this group was special. They had thwarted his attempt to murder Odius after
Odius pleaded, “We need you to defeat Moldenado and his army and return the ancient relic.
Moldenado is nothing without the relic. Attain the relic, defeat the mage. Or defeat the mage, attain the
relic. The choice is yours. But get the dang relic back so we can keep it and the rest of the world safe.”
And offered the group 250g per adventurer, some bangin’ robes to signify their honorary Ertonmoore
mages guild status, and a party would be given in their honor with free drink.
Since the mages of the guild have no idea how to defeat a rogue mage with a powerful relic, they
suggest talking to an elder mage who isn’t active in the guild anymore. Her name is Ericka Renfrey and
she lives in a cave outside the town. Modius says, “There is an Elder Mage who resides in Kirum Cave.
She is not active with the guild anymore, but she will have information about defeating a mage
corrupted by the relic.” Thodius adds, “Her name is Ericka. Take this Sigil of the Ertonmoore Mages
Guild and show it to her. Tell her we sent you.”
Odius instructs the adventurers to talk to Rick the stable hand to get some horses or a cart, whichever
they prefer, and they wouldn’t need to pay since they were connected with the guild.
At the stable, Rick seems standoffish after the adventurers tell him they are with the guild. “How am I
supposed to make any money renting horses and carts when no one has to pay because the mages guild
said so?!” He reluctantly gives the adventurers three horses and a cart at their request. He presses for
information as to what they are doing for the guild, which Dora and Krusk give him.
When the adventurers get to Kirum cave, Krusk uses his darkvision to scope out the cave. He sees Rick
inside, with a skeleton warrior and two skeleton archers. After many battle rounds, Rick barely escapes
as Krusk heaves javelins at him as he runs out of the cave. Dora uses prestidigitation to make a smelly
area and draw the attention of cave spiders so they can pass to the rest of the cave. Here they find
Ericka and her pet guardian naga. They display the sigil Thodius gave them, and prepare to learn what
they must do to defeat Moldenado once and for all.

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